Italian magic part I – Val Seriana

[only in EN for now]

Late at night we landed at Bergamo airport. With a rented car we headed off to the place we knew almost nothing about – Fiumenero. Just a name of a vIMG_3278illage at that time, a word loaded with beautiful memories by now. Tiny village in a valley Seriana with a river Serio, surrounded by mountains. We didn’t see it when we arrived at night. The views were waiting for us when we woke up the next day. It was enough to look through the window to become speechless…


The first trail we set to Cascate del Serio – very famouIMG_3119s when there are opening days – this is when water from the high mountain lake is directed to the waterfalls. When we were there there was not so much water falling down but still worth the hiking up in the mountains to take a look at it.



The second day we decide to go to Lago Negro. I’m checking with our host – Monica if it issafe for the kids, it seems quite high…She ensures me this is absolutely fine. And at the end it is but the trail is rIMG_3541eally challenging with 1000 meters difference in levels. But we made it.
The lake surrounded by the mountains was something I could not stop looking at. There are those rare moments where you look at something so beautiful and touching that you physically can feel it in your heart. That was one of those moments for me…

IMG_4454The last trail led us along the river. Starting with fog and rain we continued up to Rifugio Gianpace. We welcomed the fire in the fireplace where we could dry our clothes and get warm. We had beautiful sunshine on the way back and the mountines drying off after the rain. Again, you could just feel the magic.

ON the way to Rifugio Gianpace

On the way to Rifugio Gianpace

Actually, that would be the best word to describe the trip – magical. We felt as if we were in a dream. I still keep asking myself – was it for real? Surreal time in little Fiumenero with Moica making her charming place available for us, taking care of us, sharing with us home-made food and helping planning the mountain trips.


We didn’t say „good bye”, we said „arrivederci” hoping to go back to the dream one day…


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